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First Announcement

October 11-15th, 2021Qingdao


Dear colleagues and friends,

The 13th Symposium of World’s Chinese Scientists on Nutrition and Feeding of Finfish and Shellfish (SWCSNFFS), organized by the Academic Committee of the SWCSNFFS and hosted by Ocean University of China, will be held in Qingdao on October 11-15th, 2021.

The SWCSNFFS is the largest gathering for Chinese aquaculture nutritionists from academia to industry. Since Professor Ding Lin of Sun Yat-Sen University and Dr. Jan-Lung Chuang of Taiwan Nan Jeon University of Science and Technology organized the first SWCSNFFS in Guangzhou (1992), eleven symposiums were held in Qingdao (1995), Shanghai (1998), Wuhan (2001), Zhuhai (2004), Qingdao (2006), Beijing (2008), Chengdu (2011), Xiamen (2013), Wuhan (2015), Huzhou (2017), and Zhengzhou (2019) subsequently. The SWCSNFFS has played a very important role in the development of aquatic animal nutrition research and the aquatic feed industry in China. It has attracted considerable attention since it’s one of the most important global communication platforms for presenting scientific research and industrial progress in aquaculture nutrition and feed. The rapid development of China's aquaculture industry has largely benefited from technological innovation of aquaculture nutrition and feeds. The SWCSNFFS will continue to promote sustainable and healthy development of the aquatic feed industry in the new era by enhancing the integration of "enterprises, universities and research institutes".

Qingdao, a beautiful coastal city with red tiles, green trees, clear seawater and blue sky, is world renowned for its European style architecture as well as its splendid cultural legacy of Confucianism and Taoism. The city is built near the mountains and the sea, allowing the sea to reflect the colors of the mountains. Qingdao is shaped by the interaction of the mountains and sea. Qingdao is the national marine scientific research and education center and the pioneer zone for modern marine industry development. Many universities and national scientific research institutes are located in Qingdao. In addition, the demonstration zone of local economic and trade cooperation of China Shanghai Cooperation Organization will be built to create new highland for opening up in new era.

The opening of the 13th SWCSNFFS in Qingdao will surely bring a brand new experience to every participant.


Symposium theme:

The theme of this conference is "Innovation Creates a Better Future". "Enterprise Technology Innovation Forum" and "Postgraduate Innovation Forum" will also be held, and well-known entrepreneurs, outstanding technical elites and graduate students will be invited to discuss the hotspots of technological innovation and the latest research in depth. The 13th SWCSNFFS will provide participants with a platform to stimulate new ideas, showcase new achievements, and exchange new experiences, thus promoting the cooperation and innovative development of "enterprises, universities and research institutes".

Symposium topics:

(1) Nutritional requirements and physiological metabolism

(2) Nutrition and health

(3) Nutrition and environment

(4) Research of new raw ingredients for feeds

(5) Research and development of green feed additives

(6) Processing technology of feed and feeding technique

(7) Quality and safety of feed and aquatic products

(8) Big data of nutrition and others


Organized by:

       Committee of World’s Chinese Scientists on Nutrition and Feeding of Finfish and Shellfish (SWCSNFFS)

Co-organized by:

       Ocean University of China

Sub-organized by :

       Call for sub-organizers......

Sponsors :

Qingdao Master Biotechnology Co., Ltd

Qingdao Bio-Ways Ingredients Biotechnology Co., Ltd 

Guangzhou Fishtech Biotechnology Co., Ltd    

Call for Sponsors......

Media partner

       Advances in Aquaculture Magazine

       Scientific Fish Farming Magazine

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Academic Committee

Chair:          Kang-Sen Mai (Ocean University of China, Qingdao)

Co-Chair:   Shi-Yen Shiau (National Taiwan Ocean University, Keelung)

                     Li-Qiao Chen (East China Normal University, Shanghai)

Members:   Qing-Hui Ai (Ocean University of China, Qingdao)

                     Dong-Fang Deng (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Milwaukee, USA)

                     Zhen-Yu Du (East China Normal University, Shanghai)

                     Lin Feng (Sichuan Agriculture University, Chengdu)

                     Xian-Ping Ge (Freshwater Fisheries Research Center, CAFS, Wuxi)

                     Gen He (Ocean University of China, Qingdao)

                     Hong Ji (Northwest A&F University, Yangling)

                     Shou-Qi Xie (Institute of Hydrobiology, CAS, Wuhan)

                     Xiang-Jun Leng (Shanghai Ocean University, Shanghai)

                     Yu-Hung Lin (National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, Pingtung)

                     Chyng-Hwa Liou (National Taiwan Ocean University, Keelung)

                     Yong-Jian Liu (Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou)

                     Zhi Luo (Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan)

                     Guo-Xing Nie (Henan Normal University, Xinxiang)

                     Bei-Ping Tan (Guangdong Ocean University, Zhanjiang)

                     Min Wan (Ocean University of China, Qingdao)

                     Silas S.O. Hung (University of California, Davis, USA)

                     Min Xue (Feed Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Beijing)

                     Ji-Dan Ye (Jimei University, Xiamen)

                     Jin-Yun Ye (Huzhou University, Huzhou)

                     Yuan-Tu Ye (Soochow University, Suzhou)

                     Wen-Bing Zhang (Ocean University of China, Qingdao)

                     Qi-Cun Zhou (Ningbo University, Ningbo)

                     Xiao-Qiu Zhou (Sichuan Agriculture University, Chengdu)

                     Zhi-Gang Zhou (Feed Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Beijing)

                     Jan-Lung Chuang (Taiwan Nan Jeon University of Science and Technology, Tainan)


Organizing Committee:

Chair:          Kang-Sen Mai (Ocean University of China)

Co-Chair:   Hua-Jun Li (Ocean University of China)

                     Shu-Guang Wang (Ocean University of China)

                     Qi Li (Ocean University of China)

Members:   Qing-Hui Ai (Ocean University of China, Qingdao)

                     Gen He (Ocean University of China, Qingdao)

                     Min Wan (Ocean University of China, Qingdao)

                     Wan-Quan Wei (Qingdao Master Biotechnology Co., Ltd)

                     Wen-Bing Zhang (Ocean University of China, Qingdao)

                     Lin Zhu (Qingdao Bio-Ways Ingredients Biotechnology Co., Ltd)

Secretary:   Wen-Bing Zhang (Secretary-General, Ocean University of China)

                     Hui-Hui Zhou (Deputy Secretary-General, Ocean University of China)

                     Ai-Guo Jing (Ocean University of China)

                     Wei Xu (Ocean University of China)

                     Min Wan (Ocean University of China)

                     Yan-Jiao Zhang (Ocean University of China)

                     Xuan Wang (Ocean University of China)

                     Cheng-Dong Liu (Ocean University of China)

                     Wei-Qi Xu (Ocean University of China)


Call for papers:

The Symposium is calling for manuscripts on the above-mentioned topics. Please submit the manuscript online ( before 31st July, 2021. Both Chinese and English versions are required. Please follow the guidelines to prepare your manuscript and provide the detailed address, telephone number and Email address of the corresponding author.


Registration fee

Registration payment time

Registration fee



By 07/31/2021

RMB 1600 (RMB 600 for students)

Registration fee includes:    one copy of the proceedings, conference accessories, and meals. The accommodation   fee is not included in the conference fee.


RMB 2000 (RMB 800 for   students)

On-site registration

RMB 2500 (RMB 1000 for   students)



Hui-Hui Zhou

Mailing address: Fisheries College, Ocean University of China, No. 5 Yushan Road, Qingdao, Shandong, 266003. P. R. China.

Telephone: +86532-82031627

Mobile phone: +8615192025613



Special Note:

The organizing committee continues to call for partners. Your organization can be listed as co-organizers or sponsors with the corresponding rights. For example, your organization’s name and logo can be presented in the conference announcement, abstract collection, conference website, WeChat public account, conference forum, etc. For details, please contact Wen-Bing Zhang (+8615020075613) or go to the website ( and WeChat official account.

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